The official support hub for Last Epoch

General Information

Community Resources

Both in-game and external resources created for the community.

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Game Information

Current information on Last Epoch, as well as our plans for the future.

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Official Support

Which hardware, Operating Systems, drivers, etc. are officially supported.

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Purchases & Account Issues

Items Not Received

What to do if you haven't received something you've paid for.

11 articles


How to appeal moderation - and how to report others if necessary.

8 articles


Official Eleventh Hour Games policy on various topics.

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Technical Support & Bugs


Some known issues & how to report bugs.

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How to deal with stability issues.

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Error Messages

Common errors & how to fix them.

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Installing / Updating

For issues faced before you get going.

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Advice for tackling connectivity issues.

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How to get the best FPS possible.

2 articles


Issues which can arise on Valve's platform.

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Useful files

Files which help us, help you.

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Including our forum and support hub.

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