Troubleshooting Download Issues

Poor download speeds can be caused by our servers, the route between them and you, or an issue on your end. This article lists some steps which may be helpful if you would like to troubleshoot slow downloads when installing or updating Last Epoch.

Restart the Launcher
Occasionally slow downloads are improved by simply closing and re-opening the Launcher.

Close Other Programs
Bad download speeds can be caused by bandwidth being consumed by other software. Try closing other programs which may be using your connection (e.g. Steam updating games).

Reset Your Connection
Try Performing a Power Cycle.

Simplify Your Connection
Try connecting your computer directly to your modem (not a router) using an Ethernet cable to rule out issues caused by either the router or by wireless interference.

Disable Privacy Services
While VPNs and proxies can be invaluable tools for those conscious of their privacy, they can also negatively impact your download speed. If you use one and suffer from slow downloads, temporarily disable it and check if you get better download speeds without it.

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