Xbox DVR, ShadowPlay, and Radeon ReLive

Recording gameplay footage can negatively impact performance.

In some cases software on your system may be recording gameplay footage without your knowledge. Xbox DVR is included in Windows 10, while ShadowPlay comes bundled with Nvidia drivers, and Radeon ReLive is included with AMD drivers.

Below you can find instructions relevant for each of these pieces of software;

Xbox DVR

Here's how to disable DVR on Windows 10;

  • Open the Start menu.
  • Open the Settings app.
  • Click on Gaming.
  • Switch to the Game Bar tab in the sidebar.
  • Set Record Game Clips, Screenshots, and Broadcast Using Game Bar to Off.
  • Select Captures from the Sidebar.
  • Set every individual option to Off.

Nvidia Shadowplay

Here's how Nvidia card owners can disable Shadowplay;

  • Open the GeForce Experience app.
  • Click on the cogwheel icon in the top-right to open the settings menu.
  • In the General tab toggle the SHARE option to disable it.

Radeon ReLive

Owners of AMD cards can disable Radeon ReLive by;

  • Opening Radeon Settings.
  • Switching to the ReLive tab in navigation bar at the bottom.
  • Toggling ReLive to Off.
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