SmartScreen Warnings on Windows

Windows protected your PC

Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.

SmartScreen is one of the features offered by the Windows Defender security suite.

If SmartScreen is enabled, Windows will check programs you run against two filters - one of software known to be dangerous, and another of trusted programs. If a file is found on the first filter, Windows will warn you that the program is known to be dangerous. If it is found on the second one, SmartScreen will allow the program to run. If it is found on neither, SmartScreen will display an 'unrecognized app' warning.

Because Last Epoch is our first game and it is still early in development, it has been installed on relatively few computers compared to more ubiquitous software such as Steam and Spotify. This can cause security suites to treat it with suspicion. This is why SmartScreen may display a warning that it doesn't recognize Last Epoch.

We are aware that Last Epoch triggering this warning and that this can be disconcerting, and we will be taking steps to correct this while the game is in beta. If you would ever like to check whether Last Epoch is safe to run, you can go to the website VirusTotal and upload either either the game's .exe file or the launcher's .exe file. VirusTotal checks uploaded files with many different security suites to determine if they are dangerous.

You can find more information on Microsoft's website here.

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