Known Issues Affecting Unsupported Linux Distros

As you may know, we officially support the Ubuntu distribution of Linux.

That said, for most other distros we track issues not affecting those on Ubuntu and resolve them as our time and other resources allow.

Launcher doesn't run on some distros, citing libssl and libcrypto dependencies

  • Known to affect: Fedora, Gentoo
  • Does not affect: Debian- & Arch-based distros
  • Current status: Multiple workarounds available, solution planned.

Workaround #1

  • Download the Ubuntu libssl and libcrypto .deb packages.
  • Extract the files from the .deb packages.
  • Move the files to the Launcher's directory.
  • Use this terminal command: LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./ ./Launcher

Workaround #2

  • Use the Contact Us link below to request an alternative download without the Launcher.

Workaround #3 (NYI)

  • Last Epoch is coming to Steam in the near future, and those playing through Steam will not be affected by this issue. Playing Last Epoch through Steam will not require purchasing the game a second time.
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