Needing to Reinstall the Game

We have received a small number of reports from some using various Windows Operating Systems that they either need to install or update the game every time they play it.

This is almost always caused by one of the following;

  • The Launcher's files not initially being extracted from the .zip correctly.
  • The game not being installed by right-clicking and selecting Run as Administrator.

Both of these cause the game to be installed to a temporary directory. In the first case the Launcher itself gets installed to a temporary directory, and in the second a permissions issue can result in Windows overriding which directory the the game is installed in.

We are actively working on an improved installation procedure - until this is available, we recommend deleting your current install and reading Installing The Beta Client.

It may also be worth Flagging The Game As a Trusted Application to prevent interference from security software. In most cases this isn't necessary.

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