Opting-Out of Physical Items

Some of our supporter packs include physical items such as t-shirts.

We recognize that not all players are not interested in these items. As a result of this, we give those who purchase a supporter pack containing physical items the choice on whether to receive them, or to instead receive additional Cosmetic Coins for our in-game store.

The number of additional Cosmetic Coins you will receive is determined by how many physical items are in the supporter pack. The value of each is as follows;

  • The t-shirt in the $160 Ardent Commander supporter pack is worth 200 Cosmetic Coins
  • The playmat in the $240 Ardent Lord supporter pack is worth 200 Cosmetic Coins

To opt-out of receiving physical items, set your preferred t-shirt size to 'None' when adding the supporter pack to your cart. Thank you for supporting us!

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