Opting-Out of Physical Items

Some of our supporter packs include physical items such as t-shirts.

While we include these as we know some players really enjoy having some physical merchandise which reflects the fact that they have supported us, we recognize that other players are not interested in these items. As a result of this, we give those who purchase a supporter pack containing physical items the choice on whether to receive them, or to instead receive additional Cosmetic Points for our in-game store (NYI).

In our current series of packs, there are physical items included for those purchasing a $100 Ancient Centurion pack or higher. The options available are;

  • To receive a t-shirt and vinyl sticker
  • To receive an additional 200 CPs

You can use the Contact Us link at the bottom of this support article to inform us of your desire to opt-out. Please make sure to mention your account name!

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